Blue Period Anime Season 2
The anime “Blue Period” is an adaptation of the manga of the same name,
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Takt Op. Destiny Anime Season 2
The anime “Takt Op. Destiny” is not based on the manga and is not
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Ranking of Kings Anime Season 2
The year 2021 has delighted the audience with wonderful anime novelties and sequels: “Mushoku
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Komi Can’t Communicate Anime Season 2
There are many different phobias in the world. And in the anime “Komi Can’t
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The Heike Story Anime Season 2
The Taira clan had a high opinion of themselves. The clan members believed that
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Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan Anime Season 2
Life lessons from Uramichi Omota are laid out as the director of the children’s
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Fena: Pirate Princess Anime Season 2
In search of a clue to the main mystery left by Frantz Houtman, his
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Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy Anime Season 2
Having unexpectedly received magical power, the main character of the anime “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy”
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Remake Our Life! Anime Season 2
How great it would be to jump in time with the accumulated knowledge and
Upcoming anime seasons release dates & trailers

New anime series release dates

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