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Most often, the story of creating an anime series begins with a light novel, which was transformed into a manga published in a magazine. The anime “Psycho-Pass” is an exception to this familiar view. Only after the incredible success of the series were created a light novel, manga and even films, one of which is a trilogy. What awaits us next?

The project received a huge number of positive reviews, critics, awards. For example:

  • The animated film “Psycho-Pass”, released in January 2015, received the Newtype Anime Award from Newtype, the Japanese monthly anime magazine. Another film win is the Sci-Fi Con’s Seiun Awards for Best Sci-Fi Work.
  • The American company Crunchyroll included the series “Psycho-Pass” in the list of “Top 100 anime of the decade”.
  • etc.

Release date for Season 4 of the anime “Psycho-Pass”

The constant director of the series “Psycho-Pass” is Naoyoshi Shiotani. Despite the fact that it is full-length films that are of great popularity, and not anime, critics believe that the viewer will still see the new season and, most likely, not one. The project is at the peak of popularity and the creators intend to keep it there for some time.

According to most critics, the anime “Psycho-Pass” is a “long-playing” project, which may be the longest among the series of the psycho-thriller genre.

And since autumn is the time for new products, the new series of the anime “Psycho-Pass season 4”, by tradition, will be released in October. What year will it be? Maybe 2022?

In the case of work on the release of another animated film, the premiere will shift by 1 year.

Anime “Psycho-Pass”: which characters in the title role?

The Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division has large number of specialists with whom the viewer is gradually becoming acquainted.

  • The most striking character of the anime is Akane Tsunemori, which develops beyond recognition throughout the series. Despite the fact that she was the best student of the Academy and no one passed the exams better than her, initially Akane was not confident enough. Although on the first working day the girl showed her colleagues that she was not so simple.
  • In the third season, a no less significant and interestingly developed character Kei Mikhail Ignatov appears. He is a Russian immigrant, a military man in the past, and therefore has excellent skills in shooting and hand-to-hand combat. Ignatov has a keen sense of justice, which is reflected in his life positions and work. His best friend and colleague is Arata Shindo, with whom they will investigate an important case – a conspiracy hiding under the guise of a plane crash with foreign passengers.
  • Where without villains? One of them was Shogo Makishima, who believes that killing people is not a crime, so the Sibyl System is not aware of his evil intentions. Shogo seeks to destroy the society created by Sibyl and plans to commit bioterrorism. He does all this with one goal – to weaken the Japanese economy and destroy the System.

The plot of the anime “Psycho-Pass”: what was and what will be?

A scientific breakthrough in Japan leads to the fact that the created unique Sibyl system is capable of 100% probability of detecting intentions to commit a crime in a person. Sibyl is a gigantic surveillance system managed by the Ministry of Health, with which Japan has become the only country to escape global warfare. The new parameters for assessing a person are Crime Coefficients. Everyone now has a Psycho-Pass, which displays the important characteristics of its owner: mental state and crime rate.

Throughout the series, Public Safety Bureau employees monitor personalities that can harm people or the System. Unfortunately, the underworld is not slumbering, and the next new criminal amazes with its more sophisticated plans. How effective is the connection between the police and the Sibyl justice system in catching villains? Is the System perfect?

Curious facts about the anime “Psycho-Pass”

  • Some anime fans may have noticed the similarity of individual storylines with other series. This is not surprising and quite possible, because the anime script was created on the basis of many stories that the authors combined in one project. The result is a unique series, generally not repeating the others, but having only distant similarities. Moreover, the authors of “Psycho-Pass” revealed their secret: the 1982 film “Blade Runner” served as the main source of inspiration for creating the anime.
  • Despite the fact that the story of the anime takes place in an anti-utopian society, the viewer sees a parallel with the real world throughout the series. After all, the series presents stories in which the viewer can see himself or his loved ones. This presentation of the material draws the viewer in such a way that the main characters come even in a dream.
  • In September 2016, the Japanese developer of 5pb released the video game “Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness” for the Xbox One, PS Vita and PS 4. The plot of the game is based on six episodes of the anime series.

Release dates for the new anime series “Psycho-Pass”

Season 4, Episode 1 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 2 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 3 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 4 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 5 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 6 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 7 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 8 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 9 October 2022
Season 4, Episode 10 October 2022

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