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“Number 24” is a sports anime, in the center of the plot of which is a guy who instantly loses hope of becoming the best rugby player. The main character accepted the challenge of fate, did not give up, and returned to the sport, albeit not as a player. His friends surround him, the goal is set, which means there is no reason to stop…

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Number 24”

The first season did not receive high enough ratings, which alarms fans awaiting a new series. In the anime of the sports genre, the plots are most often similar and it’s difficult to find something new that can “hook” the viewer. Despite this, the series has gained a large number of fans.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the new season has not been announced.

We will follow the information that we publish in our article.

Anime “Number 24”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is Natsusa Yuzuki, a student who returned to the university six months after the accident. The guy had to study the school year again. This does not upset him, but the ban on returning to sports… After all, before the accident, the guy was the best rugby player. Despite his injury, he becomes the team manager and part-time coach.
  • Seiichirou Shingyouji is Natsusa’s best friend, they have been friends since childhood. He was against the decision of Natsusa to become the team manager, because the guy is prohibited from any physical activity. Meanwhile, Seiichirou is ready to accept any decision of a friend and support him.
  • A team player, Yuu Mashiro, once lost consciousness during another training session. Waking up, he saw Natsusa next to him. The cause of fainting is malnutrition and stress. The disease eventually did its insidious business – Yuu had to forget about rugby. But the guy followed in the footsteps of Natsusa – he also became the manager of his team.
  • To apologize to Natsusa for the accident, as well as to visit the guy’s place, Ibuki Ueoka also decided to quit playing rugby. But Natsusa could not let a friend quit the sport because of him.
  • Yasunari Tsuru – player at number 11, plays in the left flank, budding junior. He is an arrogant guy who does not need anyone’s advice. Usually Yasunari is quiet and speaks little, while having a difficult relationship with Natsusa.
  • The captain of the rugby team is Gakuto Zaitsu, a reliable and strict player at number 2. His playing position is forward. Usually he is taciturn and serious, not only rivals are afraid of him, but also teammates. Despite his strict appearance, Gakuto is very pleasant in communication, they can rely on him and get good advice.

The plot of the anime “Number 24”: what was and what will be?

Natsusa Yuzuki is a university student who, in his first year, proved himself to be a great, promising rugby player. It seemed that the guy was waiting for a brilliant career, but fate made his own changes in his life. Natsusa was destined to survive a terrible accident…

The main enemy of Yuzuki is a complicated hernia, in which no physical exertion is permissible. It sounded like a sentence, but not in the case of Natsusa Yuzuki. The guy pulled himself together – nothing can separate him from his beloved sport. Now he agrees to even become a team manager, take a direct part in the training process, and even wash clothes after class.

For Natsusa, a new stage begins in his life – not as a player, but as a team manager. His friends are always there who are ready to support. Teamwork began to boil. Ahead is only victory. But what effort are they worth?..

Curious facts about the anime “Number 24”

  • Opening song “SET!” sounds performed by Masanori Kobayashi.
  • The final song “Kimi to Iru nara” was performed by the voice actors Kengo Kawanishi (character Natsusa Yuzuki) and Ryota Suzuki (character Seiichirou Shingyouji). Also in the anime, two more final compositions were sounded:
    – “COMICAL TRY !!” performed by Kengo Kawanishi (character Natsusa Yuzuki) and Junichi Yanagita (character Ibuki Ueoka),
    – “Every Fight” performed by Kengo Kawanishi (character of Natsus Yuzuki) and Shohei Komatsu (character of Yasunari Tsuru).
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Release dates for the new anime series “Number 24”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Number 24”
Season 2, Episode 1 no information
Season 2, Episode 2 no information
Season 2, Episode 3 no information
Season 2, Episode 4 no information
Season 2, Episode 5 no information
Season 2, Episode 6 no information
Season 2, Episode 7 no information
Season 2, Episode 8 no information
Season 2, Episode 9 no information
Season 2, Episode 10 no information

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