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In a world where there are countless popular animes, the “Haikyu!!” project occupies a special place. A team of young and ambitious high school guys live for one goal – to become the best in their favorite sport – volleyball. They have to go a difficult way of turning a single player into a team game player.

The series is not intended for an audience of professional athletes. Any viewer, even the farthest from the sport, will be able to fall in love with both the main characters and the anime in general. The answer to this is simple: the plot unfolds gradually, telling in plain language the story of the characters and the rules of the game.

Release date for Season 5 of the anime “Haikyu!!”

The manga of the same name has become popular literally since its first publication. What to say about the series, the release of which was eagerly awaited by fans from all over the world? Critics immediately noted how realistic the submitted material was: the characters are superbly crafted, the games look exciting and emotional, and the plot is filled with humor and drama. So what about season 5?

It is not yet possible to answer unequivocally, because there is no official information. Presumably – the release of season 5 will take place no earlier than the summer of 2022.

As soon as official data are received, we will be pleased to share with our readers.

Anime “Haikyu!!”: which characters in the title role?

In the series, there are 2 main characters:

  • After watching a professional volleyball tournament on TV, Shoyo Hinata immediately became a fan of the sport. Now his dream is to become a great player. But here’s the trouble – nature gave the guy a low growth, which is not a very good factor for volleyball. But Shoyo does not despair, he begins to develop his skills, taking into account the characteristics of his body. During the next training, it turns out that Shoyou’s uniqueness lies in his phenomenal jump. In high school, Hinata had to team up with his former rival, Kageyama. Now Kageyama’s intellectual game, combined with the agility and physical abilities of Hinata, will help their team become volleyball champions.
  • Tobio Kageyama is a very experienced player, demanding of himself and his teammates. The guy has the nickname “King of the court” because of his vivid manifestation of selfishness on the playing field, as well as passes that are impossible to accept. Over time, the guy learned not to be domineering and strict, which immediately affected the game.

The plot of the anime “Haikyu!!”: what was and what will be?

National High School Volleyball Championship of the spring season. It is with this game that the sporting history of an ordinary schoolboy Shoyo Hinata begins. He chose a difficult way for himself – to become the same as the famous professional volleyball player, nicknamed the “Little Giant”. Karasuno High School is where the young Hinata will strive…

3 years have passed. The first game for Hinata, the team of which is amateur novices and more experienced, but weak players. The main rival is the team led by Tobio Kageyama. Are there any chances to win? You must not think about losing before you enter the game. With these thoughts, Shoyo Hinata entered the field…

The main difference between an athlete and an ordinary person is that the athlete boldly looks into the eyes of failure in order to challenge it. Then there will be endless training to hone skills, because ahead is the achievement of a new goal. At the same time, the guys become strong not only as volleyball players, but also as men. With their character and example, they inspire fans to watch new heights climb them step by step. After all, any player knows that sport is not only victories, it is failure, ups and downs and, of course, hard work.

Curious facts about the anime “Haikyu!!”

  • “Haikyuu” in translation from Japanese, as you might guess, means “volleyball”.
  • Initially, manga readers did not know the gender of its author. According to most, Haruichi Furudate is a woman.
  • Quite popular among the rated anime series is the fact that fans have the opportunity to purchase a large number of products related to the project and their favorite characters. This tradition is not spared the series “Haikyu!!”. Anime fans can purchase, for example, clothes with the image of their favorite team, key rings, water bottles, figures, bracelets, etc.

Release dates for the new anime series “Haikyu!!”

Season 5, Episode 1 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 2 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 3 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 4 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 5 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 6 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 7 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 8 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 9 Summer of 2022
Season 5, Episode 10 Summer of 2022

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