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For those who are tired of fantasy worlds, explosions or endless bloodshed, the anime “Laid-Back Camp” has been released. The story of the girls who created their own camping club dooms the viewer to a good mood. Indeed, the series has a lot of humor, nice communication, interesting ideas and just a cheerful message…

Release date for Season 3 of the anime “Laid-Back Camp”

Who would have thought that a camping anime could be so fun, easy and interesting? Maybe that’s why after the show of the 1st season, it was announced about the intention to create a sequel? However, fans of the anime “Laid-Back Camp” were jubilant to see their favorite characters on their screens.

Unfortunately, at the moment, no one can say that viewers will see season 3, however, it is reassuring that the manga is being published to this day. This means that over time there will be material for its adaptation.

If the break between the release of seasons 2 and 3 is the same as between the seasons 1 and 2, then the premiere of new episodes will take place only in January 2024. But this is still only a guess.

Recall that season 1 was released in January 2018, and season 2 – in January 2021, that is, the difference between the premieres is exactly 3 years.

Anime “Laid-Back Camp”: which characters in the title role?

The series tells the story of acquaintance and strong friendship of 5 schoolgirls:

  • Initially, we get acquainted with the cheerful Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who constantly gets into some situations because of her frivolity. So, the girl managed to get lost on the way to Mount Fuji, which she had not seen. And Nadeshiko is ready to eat at any time of the day or night – her appetite can only be envied. Through her acquaintance and friendship with Rin, Nadeshiko immersed herself in the exciting world of camping.
  • Rin Shima regularly goes hiking on weekends to enjoy the beauty of nature, to read or to be alone with her thoughts. When she met Nadeshiko, frozen, hungry and lost, Rin thought about trying to camping with someone. After meeting Nadeshiko, the girl’s life changed dramatically.
  • Then Ena Saito, Aoi Inuyama and Chiaki Ogaki join the narrative.

The plot of the anime “Laid-Back Camp”: what was and what will be?

The school has two Activities Clubs. If the Tourist Club is more focused on sports, then the Camping Club is for a more calm, measured rest around a fire, with leisurely conversations under the endless starry sky…

A new world opened up for Nadeshiko after getting lost on the way to Mount Fuji, she met Rin. The girl warmed her up, fed her with noodles and gave her the phone so that Nadeshiko could call her sister, who immediately arrived.

Inspired by Rin’s courage, the beauty of nature, and the romantic setting, Nadeshiko happily ran to join the Camping Club. And if it was customary for Nadeshiko to make new friends, chat incessantly and laugh out loud, then a new life begins for Rin. The girl used to go to the campsite alone, because being alone with herself is priceless for her. But Rin doesn’t even know how wonderful the days will be when she goes camping with her new friends…

Curious facts about the anime “Laid-Back Camp”

  • The manga, as well as the anime adaptations, were so popular with readers and viewers that the anime series “Heya Camp △” was soon released. Season 1 premiered on January 9, 2020 and the series was immediately renewed for a second one, which was scheduled to launch in the spring of 2021. But that’s not all. For fans, there is more news: the anime “Yuru Camp △ Movie” is in development and is slated to launch in 2021 or 2022.
  • Each name of the main characters has a specific translation from Japanese. For example, the name of the character Nadeshiko translates to “the epitome of pure, feminine beauty”.

Release dates for the new anime series “Laid-Back Camp”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Laid-Back Camp”
Season 3, Episode 1 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 2 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 3 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 4 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 5 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 6 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 7 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 8 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 9 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 10 no exact information

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