Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Anime Season 2


The anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Anime Season 2” is based on the popular manga, which was first published back in 1989. Since then, Major fans have seen various adaptations: anime films, anime series, feature film, and even video games. What is the secret of the popularity of the original source? In a fantastic plot, characters? Everyone finds an answer for himself…

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”

Literally on the eve of the release of series 1 of season 1 of the anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”, the project management announced that the viewer will see the season 2. Each season will consist of 12 episodes. But when will the viewer see the long-awaited premiere?

Most often, and one cannot disagree with this, it takes about one year and more for the director and his team to produce one season. Note that anime art is above all praise! This is a painstaking work that is rewarded with excellent reviews from fans of the series. Therefore, do not expect the premiere too soon.

Finally, “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 season 2” premiere date has been announced: May 23, 2022!

Anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is the cyberg Motoko Kusanagi, also known as Major. Her life changed at 6 years old when her parents died in a plane crash. Motoko managed to survive, but after 2 years of coma, she was turned into a cyborg. Now she is the owner of the human brain and cyber body. Her capabilities are fantastic: “immersion” in any IT network, incredible physical strength, endurance, as well as excellent skills of a commander who is able to lead fighters and carry out any task.
  • The irreplaceable assistants of the mercenaries are the Tatikoms. They are super-functional robots on legs-wheels. They are designed to protect the team in a combat situation. Tatikoms do an excellent job.
  • and etc.

The plot of the anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”: what was and what will be?

The crisis that “covered” the planet in 2044, depreciated money, crypto and digital currency disappeared. Around is only chaos: pockets of civil war, terrorist attacks, political intrigues, as well as cyber technologies that are developing at an incredible speed. People are on the path to total annihilation.

The major once led a group of guys from Public Security Section 9. Now they work for those who pay well. During their service, they saw everything: betrayal, foci of rage, anger, hatred, and so on. But Post Humans, the latest advancement in scientific technology, will put Major’s team at a standstill, the operation will be in jeopardy. What is this incredible invention?

Curious facts about the anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”

  • Masamune Shirow, the author of the original manga, was inspired by the book on philosophical psychology “The Ghost in the Machine” by Arthur Koestler, published in 1967. Despite the fact that the manga is world famous under the name “Ghost in the Shell”, in Japan it was released under a different name – “Mobile Armored Riot Police”.
  • The name of the main character Kusanagi is translated from Japanese as “sword of snake”.
  • In season 1 of the anime, the opening song “Fly with me” was performed by the Japanese musical group Millennium Parade. The final song “sustain ++” is performed by the Japanese indie group Mili, which creates musical works in the genres of electronic classics, modern classics, as well as the post-classical genre. The peculiarity of the group is that the guys sing in 5 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Gujarati and French.

Release dates for the new anime series “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045”
Season 2, Episode 1 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 2 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 3 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 4 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 5 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 6 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 7 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 8 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 9 May 23, 2022
Season 2, Episode 10 May 23, 2022

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