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A select few people with pyrokinesis are ready to rush to help at the first call. But a hunt has been announced for a person with superpowers. They are needed for a great, terrible goal pursued by an unknown group of people of a mysterious cult. And while Shinra Kusakabe with his faithful companions fights evil, people can live in peace. But not everything is so simple…

Release date for Season 3 of the anime “Fire Force”

The sad news appeared on the network that the manga, which was adapted into two seasons of the anime, is gradually coming to its logical conclusion. But at the present time volumes are published one after another. Maybe, after all, the story is not planned to end?

Currently, there is no exact information about what is being prepared for the production of the 3rd season of the anime “Fire Force”. Perhaps this information will be announced before the premiere of new episodes. In the meantime, we can only wait and follow the news.

Anime “Fire Force”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is Shinra Kusakabe. Many years ago, under strange circumstances, he lost his closest relatives – his mother died, and his brother disappeared without a trace. Therefore, the purpose of his existence was to reveal the whole truth about what happened.
    Shinra often walks barefoot without shoes, because his strength is manifested through the combustion of his feet, after which the shoes completely burn out. During stress or discomfort, a grin appears on his face, which the guy scares people. But he has only good intentions – his close friends and colleagues know this.
  • Childhood trauma haunts Arthur Boyle and it naturally affected his character and attitude towards others. Many years ago, his parents’ business collapsed, after which they decided to go on a trip, leaving their son alone.
    Outwardly, Arthur looks strange and mysterious, which girls really like. The guy compares himself to King Arthur, so he treats any girl as a princess.
    Arthur Boyle shares with Shinra the fact that both are the youngest firefighters with the best offensive abilities.
  • Victor Licht is a member of brigade №8, he is a forensic expert. Victor has no superpowers. At the same time, he is considered a mad scientist, because a man is obsessed with the only thing – Adolla Burst. Victor does his job perfectly. He may be called selfish, but he will never let his comrade down.
  • Another member of brigade №8 is Vulcan Joseph. Mechanical engineer with no ability. Initially, Joseph did not want to join the ranks of the firefighters, but circumstances forced him to go against his will.

The plot of the anime “Fire Force”: what was and what will be?

1st generation Infernals are unable to control fire. Therefore, in moments of spontaneous combustion, they are covered with panic and horror of impending doom. And if there are no saviors around, the outcome will be very sad. Fire force fire brigades act as saviors, in one of which the guy Shinra works. He is young, confident and incredibly quick to help. And thanks to his ability to ignite feet, control flames and fly quickly, he is the first to come to the aid of those in need.

In brigade №8, Shinru is surrounded by real friends. They rallied long ago and represent a strong team. That is why, when called to a fire, the guys work quickly, professionally and with minimal losses. But like ordinary people, firefighters have their own life difficulties. Therefore, sometimes they themselves need help…

Curious facts about the anime “Fire Force”

  • The song “SPARK-AGAIN”, which is featured at the beginning of Season 2 of the anime, is sung by Japanese pop singer Aimer. The girl’s name was not invented by chance – translated from French it means the word “love”. The songs she performed were often chosen for various anime series: “Fate / stay night”, “Natsuyuki Rendezvous”, “Bleach” and others.
  • The song “ID” at the end of Season 2 is performed by the Japanese rock band Cider Girl. Oddly enough, but all members of the musical group are guys. It’s interesting, why did they give the group that name?
  • The manga, on the basis of which the anime was created, has been released since September 2015. And the number of copies printed is very impressive:
    – for January 2018 – 1.8 million;
    – as of June 2020, this figure reached 7.3 million.
  • Based on the manga, a play adaptation was staged, which the viewer saw from July 31 to August 2, 2019 at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka and from August 7 to 9, 2019 at the Zepp concert hall in Kanagawa.

Release dates for the new anime series “Fire Force”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Fire Force”
Season 3, Episode 1 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 2 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 3 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 4 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 5 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 6 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 7 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 8 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 9 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 10 no exact information

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