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The anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) is a story of schoolchildren who are going through hard times. In order to understand themselves and open up to the world, sometimes they only need to get to know one person. Fate will certainly bring them together, and the result will be the discovery of indescribable feelings, the presence of which the guys did not even suspect.

Release date for Season 4 of the anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”

Anime fans were outraged to learn that Season 3 of the series would be its final. Many fans are confident that side stories will be adapted, but there is no official confirmation of this yet.

At the moment, we know for sure that the production of new episodes is not underway.

But in the anime world, anything is possible if you really want to. Let’s see, because only time will put everything in its place.

Anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”: which characters in the title role?

  • The first protagonist of the anime is Hachiman Hikigaya. The guy differs from others in his closeness and loneliness. Because of his appearance, or rather his indifferent and empty gaze, people avoid communicating with him. To help the negligent student rethink his outlook on life, his teacher invites Hachiman to join the school club, which is run by Yukino.
  • The second main character in the anime is Yukino Yukinoshita. The girl by nature has beautiful features and figure. Calm and restrained, she looks arrogant and indifferent to others, for which she received the nickname “Ice-cold Beauty”. Due to her attractive appearance, she is known by almost the entire school, with the exception, perhaps, of Hachiman. Yukino has no friends, because she has high demands on herself and the people around her. Over time, day after day, her feelings for Hachiman become more tender and romantic, and a new personality begins to awaken in Yukino.
  • Yui Yuigahama is a kind and naive classmate of Hachiman, although she does not consider herself naive at all. Yui’s biggest fear is losing her friends, so she prefers to hide her true feelings and emotions. Together with Hachiman and Yukino, they develop their club.

The plot of the anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”: what was and what will be?

Hachiman Hikigaya, as a high school student, already understood a lot about life. Looking at carefree, dreamy, funny guys and girls his age, Hachiman genuinely empathizes with them. After all, he had long understood the complexity of life. Therefore, the main character differs from others: he is closed in himself, calm, does not show any emotions and, most importantly, has no friends.

But Hachiman is far from alone in being different from those around him. Yukino Yukinoshita, who created the club to help any student, is the only member. The girl is sure that she is smart by nature in order to help people deal with their problems. Yukino seems arrogant, cold, while her beauty is mesmerizing. The schoolchildren are jealous of her appearance, and the guys are afraid to approach. Who is she, Ice-cold Beauty, with no friends?

Hachiman and Yukino, who met each other not very friendly, now have to learn a lot. Without realizing it, the guys will find a lot in common, as well as discover new thoughts and feelings…

Curious facts about the anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”

  • The anime adaptation season 3 premiered on April 9, 2020. But due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the show of the series was postponed to July 9.
  • “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU” has been named Best Light Novel in Japan three times in the annual Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi guide! – in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We add that the best light novel is selected through an online survey of readers.
  • In anime, the names of several characters are included in their surnames: Yukino Yukinoshita, Yui Yuigahama, Rumi Tsurumi, etc. This fact was noticed by attentive fans.

Release dates for the new anime series “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”
Season 4, Episode 1 not planned
Season 4, Episode 2 not planned
Season 4, Episode 3 not planned
Season 4, Episode 4 not planned
Season 4, Episode 5 not planned
Season 4, Episode 6 not planned
Season 4, Episode 7 not planned
Season 4, Episode 8 not planned
Season 4, Episode 9 not planned
Season 4, Episode 10 not planned

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    I would have loved to see a ending & not a cliffhanger:( why can’t you just end it with all answers given so stupid make me want to stop watching anime so many disappointments I pay to watch these things and I feel like I’m getting ripped off (speaking of Crunchyroll ) don’t bother showing it if it doesn’t have an ending so stupid well that’s my rant – frustrated watcher

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