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The romantic comedy “Tsugumomo” was on the list of the most anticipated anime of 2020. Fans were looking forward to the new episodes. But having greedily watched the whole season 2, they had a question about the continuation of the show…

Release date for Season 3 of the anime “Tsugumomo”

Initially, few believed that director Ryōichi Kuraya would be able to cope with the task. But the result exceeded all expectations and surprised absolutely all critics. Despite the fact that Ryōichi has little experience in creating anime series, “Tsugumomo” is loved by most fans of this genre. The result of such love was the release of season 2 in April 2020. Since then, the popularity of light romantic comedy has only begun to grow. Will there be an anime continuation?

The finale of season 2 gives hope that the continuation will be. We will also take into account the fact that season 2 came out after a long 3 year break.

Therefore, most likely, the premiere of new episodes will take place no earlier than the second half of 2022.

Anime “Tsugumomo”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is a student of the usual Japanese school – Kazuya Kagami. He cannot be called an ideal teenager, rather Kazuya is the most ordinary guy of his age. After meeting Kiriha, strange things began to happen to him. With classmates, he created a group where any student can come for help or with information that worries him.
  • Kiriha is the spirit of obi. She once appeared in the life of Kazuya. Kiriha forcibly turned the guy into her servant, leaving him no chance. The spirit is able to force others to do what it needs to – to fulfill any desire or whim. However, she will not follow someone’s orders. Kiriha often spends time in leisurely and serene activities when she can relax and doze off. Her hobby is video games, which she spends a lot of time on. Kiriha loves sweets, especially puddings, for which she is ready to fulfill any assignment.
  • Kazuya’s older sister, Kasumi Kagami, always responds to any noise and screaming coming from her brother’s room. Most often, she runs into the Kazuya room with a frying pan and other kitchen attributes in her hands. She is too protective of her brother that he does not like. Kasumi has a special relationship with Kiriha – the spirit does not associate with her at all.

The plot of the anime “Tsugumomo”: what was and what will be?

The most valuable thing that mom left Kazuya is an obi with the smell of sakura blossoms. But the guy does not even know what his favorite thing will turn out to be. Or rather by whom. A girl with blue hair began to come to Kazuya first in his dreams. At the moments of awakening, the guy felt only mystery, understatement and the familiar smell of sakura.

But the day came when the dream turned into reality. The spirit girl appeared in Kazuya’s life and saved his life. But she did it for a reason. Now he is her slave. Only the savior has a completely strange character: she is selfish, temperamental, capricious and simply unbearable. And now Kazuya must fulfill all her whims. In exchange for what?

Curious facts about the anime “Tsugumomo”

  1. Readers learned from the 18th volume, released in September 2016, that the Tsugumomo manga will be adapted into a TV series. Information about this was posted on the comic book wrapper. Who knows, maybe season 3 will be reported in a similar way?
  2. The opening song “When the Wind Blows, In the End of the Moonlit Night” of season 2 of the anime is performed by the Japanese musical group AOP, consisting of 8 girls. Each member of the group has its own color. AOP is famous for performing anime songs. Their beautiful voices can be heard in the projects: “In Another World with My Smartphone“, “Over Drive Girl 1/6”, “Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club”, “Time Travel Girl”, etc.
  3. The final song “Playing in the Spring” was performed by Japanese singer Haruka Tojo. The girl’s debut took place at the end of 2016, when she was only 16 years old. Then Haruka Tojo sang the song “Misty” for the anime series “Young Kiitaro’s Youkai Picture Diary”. Since then, the girl constantly began to receive job offers for anime projects: “Demon Lord, Retry!”, “The Island of Giant Insects: The Movie”, “Over Drive Girl 1/6”, in which AOP also performed its song.
  4. Kiriha is the guest character of two mobile games: Monmusu Harem and Himitsu no Yadoya. In Himitsu no Yadoya game, we can also see Kazuya Kagami among the characters.

Release dates for the new anime series “Tsugumomo”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Tsugumomo”
Season 3, Episode 1 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 2 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 3 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 4 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 5 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 6 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 7 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 8 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 9 no exact information
Season 3, Episode 10 no exact information

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