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Kohei Horikoshi, author of the superhero manga “My Hero Academia”, released in July 2014, did not expect his characters to become virtually immortal. At first, fans read through manga volumes, then plunged into video games, but with the advent of the anime series, it was simply impossible to tear the viewer off the screen. What is the secret of the story?..

Release date for Season 5 of the anime “My Hero Academia”

The constant director of all seasons of the anime was Kenji Nagasaki. And we must agree that he does it very well! For several years, the series showed stable high ratings. It’s worth adding that the “My Hero Academia” manga received the Harvey Award 2019, becoming the best! After such achievements, how can he stop?

Many fans expect to see the new episodes in October 2020. But, according to critics, the new season of the anime “My Hero Academia” will be released no earlier than spring 2021. And it’s all to blame for the coronavirus, which literally affected the whole world, including the production and display of anime. The situation is still unstable, so it’s too early to talk about the exact data of the premiere.

“My Hero Academia” Season 5 Premiere Date Announced: March 27, 2021!

Anime “My Hero Academia”: which characters in the title role?

The protagonist of the anime series is Izuku Midoriya. From childhood, the boy dreamed of becoming a Hero, such as All Might. It was this incredibly strong and courageous Hero who once became an example for young Izuku.

By the age of four, a tendency to supernormal abilities can be recognized in any child. Unfortunately, Izuku was from that minority on the planet who did not possess anything supernatural, despite the fact that his mother could attract small objects, and his father could breathe fire. But it is this guy who is destined to become the most powerful Hero who can resist the most rampaging villains.

The plot of the anime “My Hero Academia”: what was and what will be?

The birth of a luminous child in China scared others. Gradually, people one after another began to be endowed with superpowers. After some time, the presence of a special gift in a person has become the norm. With the increase in the number of people with abilities, the number of crime worldwide has significantly increased. Heroism has become an official profession, for which people received good money from the state. Needless to say, the young generation dreamed of becoming a universal favorite – the Hero?

Izuku dreamed of one thing: to enter the Hero Academia. But how to do this, because there are so many guys around with abilities who will definitely be taken to the Academy! His way there is closed. Classmates laugh at Izuku, and he can only come to terms with his fate. The guy sought solace in writing down in his notebook the abilities and achievements of his beloved Heroes, as well as new ones who had just joined the ranks of those.

Fate gives Izuka a surprise – meeting the best of the best! All Might gives the boy his own Quirk “One for All”, the strength of which is developed by one person and transferred to another. Now everything will be in a new way and the Academy will open its doors to meet a new student. Izuku’s dream has come true! And this is only the beginning of a great story

Curious facts about the anime “My Hero Academia”

  • In November 2019, the American video game site Polygon officially announced that the anime “My Hero Academia” can rightfully be considered one of the best projects created since 2010. And the American publishing company Crunchyroll included the anime in the list of “25 best animes of the 2010s”.
  • The main character of Izuku Midoriya has the nickname Deku, which he received from his friend Katsuki. Translated from Japanese, “Deku” means “good-for-nothing.” In the English version, the nickname is taken from the phrase “Defenseless IzuUku“.

Release dates for the new anime series “My Hero Academia Season 5”

Season 5, Episode 1 March 27, 2021
Season 5, Episode 2 April 3, 2021
Season 5, Episode 3 April 10, 2021
Season 5, Episode 4 April 17, 2021
Season 5, Episode 5 April 24, 2021
Season 5, Episode 6 May 1, 2021
Season 5, Episode 7 May 8, 2021
Season 5, Episode 8 May 15, 2021
Season 5, Episode 9 May 22, 2021
Season 5, Episode 10 May 29, 2021

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