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Curses are created by human emotions such as anger, fear, shame. But there are those who fight them using magical techniques and artifacts. How will the confrontation between shamans and curses end?

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”

The world created in the manga and anime adaptations, filled with mythical creatures, has been critically acclaimed. This is an unusual story, although there are a lot of stories about moving to another world.

Note that the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” (Sorcery Fight) has been compared to other projects (“Tokyo Ghoul”, “Bleach” or “Blue Exorcist”). But, on the one hand, it pleases, because it means that “Jujutsu Kaisen” can have the same bright, interesting plot development path and, accordingly, wild popularity among viewers. On the other hand, some critics fear falling into the storyline of existing anime, the loss of their individuality, which is clearly visible in season 1.

However, the likelihood of seeing a continuation of the anime is very high. Unfortunately, the exact release date has not yet been announced – we can only speculate.

According to critics, season 2 will be released no earlier than the end of 2022. Since the director is faced with a difficult task in creating new episodes that are not inferior in quality to the previous ones.

We wish the director and his team the best of luck and we are waiting for the official news.

Anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is schoolboy Yūji Itadori. The guy is in the Occult Research Club, which they strive to close due to the insufficient number of participants, as well as incomprehensible empty activity. According to the school’s management, Itadori should go to athletics, because nature has awarded him with a magnificent physical body.
    By having an unknown entity within him as a new soul piece, Itadori is able to maintain control of his body. But living with the Curse within himself is very difficult for him.
  • Sukuna is the one who “settled” in the body of the protagonist. He can be called the King of Curses. It is believed that Sukuna was a humanoid demon with four arms and 20 fingers, the most dangerous and famous evil in the world, who loves to watch the suffering of others.
  • Megumi Fushiguro is a promising student at the Magic Technical College with a great future. He is able to summon shikigami in the form of hound dogs to fight curses.
  • Friends of Megumi Fushiguro and Yūji Itadori include Nobara Kugisaki, an aspiring magician who fights curses with nails and hammers imbued with her magical powers.
  • Satoru Gojō is the teacher of Fushiguro, Itadori and Kugisaki at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College. He is highly respected among magicians. He will have to enter into an argument with the management of the college in order to prevent Itadori’s death. What will come of it?

The plot of the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”: what was and what will be?

The main reason for the missing and dead people in Japan is a curse that few people think about. However, this is so. Their most common habitat is schools and hospitals, because the feelings of people that they experience in these buildings are favorite food for curses. In such places there are cursed amulets that serve to scare away petty evil and, accordingly, protect the place. But over time, overflowing with accumulated evil, the amulet loses its strength, becoming a bait for curses…

After the death of his grandfather, the only relative with whom Yūji Itadori communicated in recent years, the student’s life changed dramatically. An instant before his death, the grandfather said strange words about protecting people, about helping, etc. But this mystery will be revealed by the teenager after a while, but for now Itadori meets Megumi Fushiguro, a magician who almost died from the Curse.

It so happened that the main character let the Curse named Sukuna into his body. Now the evil spirit seeks to go outside to do trouble. And only magic will help to understand everything. But Itadori has one ending – death. Or the death penalty, which can be postponed until another deadly moment. The fact is that if he swallows all the remaining fingers of Sukuna, both the guy and his Curse will die. Is there any other way out?..

Curious facts about the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”

  • As of October 2020, the circulation of Yūji Itadori’s adventure story has reached over 8.5 million copies, which speaks of the popularity of the manga.
  • In 2019, the manga “Jujutsu Kaisen” was nominated for the 65th Shogakukan Manga Award. Category – shonen, this is a manga designed for a male audience aged 12-18 years.
  • In 2018, the Honya Club website published a list of recommended read manga by Japanese bookstore staff. In total, more than a thousand employees took part in the survey. As a result, the manga “Jujutsu Kaisen” has won the honorable first place in the category of the isekai genre (displaced to another world).

Release dates for the new anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”
Season 2, Episode 1 2022
Season 2, Episode 2 2022
Season 2, Episode 3 2022
Season 2, Episode 4 2022
Season 2, Episode 5 2022
Season 2, Episode 6 2022
Season 2, Episode 7 2022
Season 2, Episode 8 2022
Season 2, Episode 9 2022
Season 2, Episode 10 2022

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