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The anime “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World” is based on a story that was first told to the reader in a light novel in October 2015. Its author was Riku Misora. The history of the seven young geeks was so loved by fans that the manga of the same name was soon published (in May 2016), and then the long-awaited anime adaptation (in October 2019).

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World”

At the moment, none of the projects telling about the seven geniuses are closed: the publication of a light novel and manga continues, new anime series are created. These projects are in the ranking of popular ones, which means that the viewer should not say goodbye to their favorite characters after the end of the season 1. It remains a matter of time. There is enough material to create new episodes, the storyline is interesting to the viewer, the anime sketch is bright and well perceived. What else is needed?

Perhaps in the near future, anime director Shinsuke Yanagi will present new episodes to the audience.

At least, such information flashes on some foreign unofficial sources. We are waiting for official confirmation!

Anime “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World”: which characters in the title role?

The main characters are seven guys endowed with incredible mental abilities. Each is unique in its field of knowledge. Therefore, this team is capable of many things: to surprise the inhabitants of the new world with technical inventions, to show off knowledge in the field of medicine, to show an economic instinct… So, we get acquainted:

  1. Tsukasa Mikogami became the leader among the child prodigies, as he has many years of leadership experience and the necessary skills. He is the youngest prime minister in the human world. Once in a new country, Tsukasa was surprised not only by the ability to negotiate. To the villagers, he prepared a delicious mayonnaise, which won the hearts of everyone. In gratitude for the rescue, the guy is ready to help the villagers to raise their economic level.
  2. Tsukasa has enough talented teenagers in the team, one of them is Masato Sanada. He is an economic genius who can save almost any organization from bankruptcy. In the new world, the guy easily obtained a license to trade, discovering the black bookkeeping of the mayor, which he immediately used to achieve his goal.
  3. Prince Akatsuki – a magician, an illusionist, with his skills makes the villagers believe in miracles. His pretty appearance often creates confusion: some think he is a girl. Possessing incredible abilities, Akatsuki can easily impersonate God, because no one else can just as easily appear from nowhere and disappear into nowhere.
  4. Shinobu Sarutobi is the best journalist who can get any information unnoticed by everyone. She is a unique scout, while the girl is able to manipulate enemies using her charms.
  5. Despite his pretty appearance, Ringo Ohoshi will surprise the most intelligent engineer. Thousands of ideas at the same time ripen in her head at the same time how to create something using the available material. Ringo carries with it a miniature nuclear reactor that was not injured in a plane crash. The guys can use his power for a while. Ringo immediately noticed that the crash site is rich in bauxite ore, from which aluminum can be made.
  6. Keine Kanzaki has hands from God, but mental abilities are different from other doctors. Keine is a unique doctor, a professional in all fields. It is worth knowing that not one of her patients has died – not one doctor in the world has such an indicator.
  7. Such a team of high-class professionals cannot be left without protection. Such is Aoi Ichijo – she is the best warrior in the world, able to cope alone with an army of enemies.

The plot of the anime “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World”: what was and what will be?

A random plane crash threw 7 talented high school students into an unknown world. How could they survive? Despite the main question, the guys are infinitely grateful to their rescuers: the good residents of Elm Village cured the guys, surrounded them with care and warmth. As time passed, the teenagers got better. During the holiday, arranged in honor of strangers, high school students will learn an interesting thing. Among the inhabitants there is a legend telling about seven heroes sent to this world to save the inhabitants from an evil dragon.

This story cannot but alarm. But the guys, despite their fairly young age, have unique abilities in different fields. Therefore, they are not afraid of any danger. Medic, illusionist magician, scout, samurai, financier, inventor and prime minister. This Seven is able not only to adapt to the conditions and laws of the new world, but also to make it better – more developed and rich. Where to start, because they have so much work to do?! What is this fairy tale about seven heroes? Is the appearance of genius schoolchildren destined? And the most important question is how to return home?

Curious facts about the anime “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World”

  • The Japanese music group DIALOGUE + performed the opening song “First time for me!” In the anime, and Akari Kito performed the final song “dear my distance”. Akari Kito is not only a singer, but also a master of scoring, among her works: “The Demon Girl Next Door” (Machikado Mazoku), “The ** Life of Being Alone” (Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu), “UQ Holder!”, etc.
  • Fans of the anime “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World” can purchase a large number of products with their favorite characters: hard case for iPhone, key chain, badges, acrylic figures, t-shirts, etc.

Release dates for the new anime series “High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World”

Season 2, Episode 1 no official information
Season 2, Episode 2 no official information
Season 2, Episode 3 no official information
Season 2, Episode 4 no official information
Season 2, Episode 5 no official information
Season 2, Episode 6 no official information
Season 2, Episode 7 no official information
Season 2, Episode 8 no official information
Season 2, Episode 9 no official information
Season 2, Episode 10 no official information

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