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“ID – Invaded” is the most anticipated anime of 2020. It was created on the basis of the manga of the same name, first published in Young Ace magazine by Kadokawa Shoten on October 4, 2019. What is the secret of it? In the director Ei Aoki, who creates masterpieces? In a fantastic plot that is twisted so that each viewer becomes a detective? Be that as it may, one thing is known – this project was created to be watched with great pleasure.

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “ID – Invaded”

In July 2019, the Japanese publisher Kadokawa announced the upcoming work on the anime. Since then, fans of the detective killer have been looking forward to the release of the 1st series, which, like a gift, lasted 1 hour.

Many critics initially said that the anime “ID – Invaded” would be legendary work in the history of Japanese animation. Will a sequel be created? Although there is no official information yet, critics are confident that there will be, and most likely, not just one new season.

According to some of them, the new series may be released in 2022. However, there is no official confirmation of this yet.

It should be noted that the main task of the director was to make the viewer “enjoy the series, making his brain go crazy.” And he coped with his task at 100%.

Anime “ID – Invaded”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is detective Akihito Narihisago, whose name in the world of the criminal mind is Sakaido. The main task of the character is to reveal the truth about the killing of Kaeru. The guy is a great detective. By immersing himself in the mind of the criminal and analyzing the data, he helps the police find the serial killer. His wife could not accept the death of their daughter and committed suicide.
  • A friend and partner of Narihisago, Funetaro Momoki, will remain so despite the fact that the guy from the detective turned into a killer. Funetaro saved the victim of a serial maniac, but that girl, Kiki Atsukai, disappears without a trace, which forces the detective to begin her search.
  • During the immersion in the mind of the criminal, Sakaido sees one picture every time – the murdered girl Kaera. In this case, the method of killing her is changing.
  • Young analyst Koharu Hondomachi, who has recently taken up her job, was caught by the serial killer Perforator. By sacrificing herself, she was able to help the Sakaido follow the trail of the criminal. In her work, the girl used a special device, like a radar, which detects the “particles of thoughts” of the killer – his desire to kill.

The plot of the anime “ID – Invaded”: what was and what will be?

Akihito Narihisago’s wife passed away without surviving the thought of brutal murder against their daughter. After that, the guy decides on an irreparable, but deliberate step – he takes revenge on the killer. After killing Challenger, the detective goes to a maximum security prison. On the one hand, the life of the protagonist is over, on the other – he, like a killer, is able to go to the mind of any criminal. Gathering invaluable information, he helps the police to follow the trail of bloodthirsty maniacs.

Plunging into the “well”, Sakaido practically has no memories. He does not know who he is or where he is. He only remembers his name, as well as his profession as a detective. After analyzing the information, Sakaido goes onto the Perforator track, the number of victims of which reaches 5 people. A maniac drills a hole in the heads of his victims, just as he had once done to himself. The detective’s unique flair and logic helps to neutralize Perforator. But who is the person whose face is distorted? The one whom the victims are unimaginably afraid of?..

Curious facts about the anime “ID – Invaded”

  • The opening song “Mister Fixer” was performed by Japanese singer Sou. In 2019, he posted on YouTube his first track, “Fool’s Parade”, the number of views of which exceeded 2 million.
  • The opening song “Mister Fixer” was performed by Japanese singer Sou. In 2019, he posted on YouTube his first track, “Fool’s Parade” (Fools Parade), the number of views of which exceeded 2 million.
  • The final song “Other Side” was performed by Japanese musician Miyavi. He plays on all electric guitars with his fingers without using a pick (a device for pinching strings on musical instruments). He also made his Hollywood debut as an actor in the movie “Unbroken”, directed by the popular and beloved actress Angelina Jolie. The musical work of Miyavi is so bright and unusual that he was nicknamed the “Samurai guitarist” who challenges the whole world.
  • The first two episodes were shown on December 15, 2019 to viewers of such TV companies as American FunimationNow and Hulu, French Wakanim and Australian AnimeLab.

Release dates for the new anime series “ID – Invaded”

Season 2, Episode 1 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 2 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 3 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 4 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 5 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 6 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 7 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 8 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 9 no exact information
Season 2, Episode 10 no exact information

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