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“Sword Art Online” (SAO) is the most striking project of its author, Reki Kawahara. Since the moment online games became very popular in Japan, Kawahara has turned into an avid gamer. So the idea came about to write a story about a guy who once plunged into a virtual game, from where it was almost impossible to get out alive…

Release date for Season 4 of the anime “Sword Art Online”

The unusual format of season 3 of the anime (the decision to split it into 3 parts) was well received by the audience. But the final battle shown at the end of the season left Kirito’s fans and his friends at a standstill. The Internet exploded with endless questions from fans about the anime’s sequel. While some speculate that the adaptation has come to its logical conclusion, others are confident that season 4 will definitely come out, touching on a new story. At the same time, most likely, the new season will also include several parts.

There is currently no exact information on the production of new episodes. But critics are confident that the sequel to the anime “Sword Art Online” will take place in the summer of 2022. We would like to believe it!

Anime “Sword Art Online”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya). A year after his birth, the boy lost both his parents, so he was raised by his uncle and aunt. At the age of 10, he managed to assemble a computer from separate elements, after which he accidentally discovered his erased notes.
    Calm, collected and self-confident, Kirito finds himself in a game in which the winner of 100 levels survives. His decisive character leads Kirito to his goal – the guy remained calm and did everything to survive in the game, giving all his strength. During the game, he finds loyal friends, with the help of which he leads battles against enemies, freeing the prisoners. The guy was originally a solo player, but then joined others. Kirito prefers to wear black clothes, which is why he immediately received the nickname “The Black Swordsman”.
  • Girl Asuna, a great fighter and masterly control of her rapier, eventually becomes a good friend of the protagonist. Over time, she falls in love with him. She is not afraid to take responsibility, she is always ready to fight to her last strength. Her goal is to complete the game to the end and be with Kirito when he needs help. Asuna is the main character in the anime series “Alicization”.
  • Kirito’s childhood friend, determined and strong-willed Alice, also gets into the game. The girl perfectly wields a sword. Her life in combat was long and difficult. After reuniting with Kirito, they were able to achieve a lot, helping and saving each other from death. Gradually, tender feelings for Kirito began to arise in the girl.

The plot of the anime “Sword Art Online”: what was and what will be?

Years passed. Human minds have created perfect virtual reality. It seems that the whole world has gone crazy: queues in online games stores, millions of fans around the world … After all, another novelty with full immersion has been released – “Sword Art Online”. In this game, everything turned out not to be as expected by its participants: there is absolutely no magic in it, and most importantly, having lost his life in it, the player dies in reality.

The main creator of the game has provided for everything to the smallest detail. They cannot get out of it of their own accord, and in real life no one is able to help the player. What is a trap? There is a way out of the game – they need to win. To do this, they need to overcome level 100, which open one after another after defeating his boss. What was the developer’s goal? Watching people locked in a cage, unable to get out. But Kirito and his friends are not going to give up. Returning to the game over and over again, the battle continues…

Curious facts about the anime “Sword Art Online”

  • Reki Kawahara, the original author, first published the story about Kirito in 2002 on his website as a web novel.
  • The history of the creation of the 1st volume is very interesting. Reki Kawahara wrote it back in 2001 for the Dengeki Game Novel Prize, which was established by Japanese ASCII Media Works publisher. It so happened that Kawahara did not submit his work, he had exceeded the page limit. The author decided to publish the volume on his website, while using not his real name, but a pseudonym – Fumio Kunori.
  • A few years later, in 2008, Reki Kawahara decided to take part in the Dengeki Game Novel Prize again by submitting the work “Accel World”. The competition was successful – Kawahara received the Grand Prize.
  • The main character’s name, Kirito, is an abbreviation of his real name (Kirigaya Kazuto).

Release dates for the new anime series “Sword Art Online”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Sword Art Online”
Season 4, Episode 1 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 2 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 3 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 4 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 5 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 6 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 7 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 8 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 9 no exact information
Season 4, Episode 10 no exact information

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