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The “Rise Up! Animal Road” began to exist in November 2016, it was then that the manga came out in the Japanese magazine Monthly Shōnen Ace. The number of fans grew, and Kazuya Miura once assembled a team in order to tackle the creation of an anime.

A fantasy world full of magical creatures meets a new hero – a guy named Genzo Shibata. How will the life of the protagonist and the inhabitants of the new world?

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Rise Up! Animal Road”

The “Rise Up! Animal Road” manga has gained a huge number of fans, because the whole plot is filled with humor. To follow the development of the story of Genzo, who loves animals, as well as his loyal friends, it became possible not only to read manga, but also to watch the series. The director of the 1st season of the anime was Kazuya Miura.

Whether he will remain the director of the new season, whether the continuation of the series will be created, is still unknown. Fans require new episodes, but their desire is sometimes not enough.

However, as the manga is being written, new volumes are being released, and therefore the second season of the anime “Rise Up! Animal Road” may well appear. It remains to be seen the director’s decision to reassemble the team to create new episodes.

Anime “Rise Up! Animal Road”: which characters in the title role?

  • Genzo is the protagonist of the story. A guy with incredible physical strength loves animals. He is a professional wrestler and, in the midst of a battle for the world title, he was moved to another world by Princess Altena. Instead of saving the new world from evil creatures, Genzo began to tame them, making money, because his dream is to create his own zoo. The guy’s unusual habit is to give names to all the animals he meets.
  • Shigure is half a wolf and a human; she lives for the sake of one thought – to get rich. Having borrowed a large amount of money, Shigure could not repay the debt, so she could become a slave, but Genzo saved her. Shigure becomes a friend for Genzo and she follows him towards adventures.
  • Hanako is a dragon and a man in one person. She lives in the castle, feeds exclusively on goblin, orc, and troll meat, but her dream is to break free and try new meat dishes.
  • Carmilla is a vampire girl, follows her mistress Hanako everywhere, watching and protecting her. In life, she is not afraid of anything except holy water and garlic.
  • Hiroyuki is a purebred mongrel, the dog of the protagonist. Hiroyuki never leaves Genzo. She entered the new world with her master.

The plot of the anime “Rise Up! Animal Road”: what was and what will be?

Genzo was known as a wonderful fighter. He earned his living by participating in wrestling, and the next battle was for the world title. But his power is known even outside the earthly world. Princess Altena called the guy into her world so that he saved them from dangerous animals. She still did not know that Genzo was ready to beat anyone who dared to harm defenseless creatures.

Escaping from the princess, the main character gets acquainted with Shigure. Together they create an unusual plan: create a pet shop where you can grow magical animals. Animals will be able to live with people, and for their education, Genzo and Shigure will receive money from anyone who wants to have a beast. To implement his plan, a guy needs savings that he did not have at all. There is only one way out – to study proposals for the capture of terrible creatures, for which they will give a good reward. To challenge the strongest is the Genzo principle, so he chooses the difficult, most dangerous task. This is the salamander.

The guild of beast hunters was shocked that Genzo returned from the hunt with a tamed salamander. Having received his very good fee, the guy and Shigure set to work again. Every day, with a new capture of the beast, the wrestler is getting closer to his dream. The new task of the protagonist is the orcs, which can not be called animals. In order to make friends with them, Genzo accepted the challenge from the Orc King. The fight was on equal footing, but Genzo’s professionalism left the orc no chance. The guy won the battle, thereby earning the respect of the leader. That is how a fighter began his life in a new world. Further more. Not everyone supports the idea of ​​a guy. There will always be someone who becomes an enemy. But there will be more friends!

Curious facts about the anime “Rise Up! Animal Road”

  • Many viewers noted that despite the good comedic moments, there is no storyline development in the anime. It is this fact that can affect the fact that the first season of the series will be final.
  • The opening song “Fight! Kemona Mask” was performed by Japanese singer NoB (Nobuo Yamada), who is a former vocalist of hard rock and heavy metal band Make-Up.
  • The final song “Anecdote” was performed by Momosu Momosu.

Release dates for the new anime series “Rise Up! Animal Road”

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