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The year 2021 has delighted the audience with wonderful anime novelties and sequels: “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation“, “Tokyo Revengers“, “To Your Eternity“, “86 – Eighty Six“. This is just a small part of the anime with very high ratings. The premiere of the series “Rating of the King” took place on October 15, 2021 and immediately turned out to be “different” among the rest of the novelties. A light plot with humor, some childishness, naivety, but at the same time the depth of the narrative – this came with the new anime.

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Ranking of Kings”

After the release of Season 1, it was impossible to say for sure that the anime “Ranking of Kings” would become very popular. However, the series had a crowd of fans who wanted to see a sequel.

At the moment, there is no exact information about the season 2, but there is a high probability of seeing it. There is material for adaptation, which means that the director can immediately start working on new episodes. Most likely, the premiere will take place in 2023. But when exactly, we will find out later.

At first glance, the anime seems so “cute”, like a childly. Thanks to the magnificent drawing, the elaboration of such subtle and sensual scenes as the tears of the main character, the anime becomes very human. The story of the little prince is developing before our eyes, we are witnessing the formation of the Big Man.

Anime “Ranking of Kings”: which characters in the title role?

  • The main character of the anime is Prince Bojji, a very small boy, who is deaf and physically weak. Bojji can neither raise his sword nor swing it in defense, however, he is ready to fight Daida, challenging him to a fair fight. Bojji is very upset about criticism and ridicule from people, but he tries not to let it show, and others think that he is stupid. Kage becomes the prince’s best friend.
  • A survivor of the annihilation of the entire Shadow clan, who were believed to be assassins, Kage now lives off theft. So he met a sweet boy who could not speak or hear. On the first day of their acquaintance, Kage robbed the boy. In the end, it turned out that he is the only one who understands every word of Bojji. They immediately found a common language, and after a while the shadow and the prince became best friends.
  • Bojji has a younger brother, Daida, the King’s son by his 2nd wife, who dreams of the throne. The guys are on bad terms because Daida hates Bojji. According to Daida’s mother, her son is an ideal candidate for the throne of the king.

The plot of the anime “Ranking of Kings”: what was and what will be?

Once upon a time there was a Prince. Yes, this is how it all starts. Bojji was born into royalty. His father is a real hero who, without fear and doubt, can get involved in battle to protect his family and people. But for Bojji, the opposite is true: he was born very small, weak, and even deaf and dumb. However, it is he who will have to take the place of the King, who is very weak from illness and will soon leave this world.

Long ago, after the death of Bojji’s mother, the King remarried and Daida was born. Unlike his older brother, he inherited a lot from their common father: strength, growth, self-confidence. But Bojji isn’t ready to give up. He will do everything to become the Best King in the whole world! And he is supported in this goal by a friend – Kage, a representative of the clan of shadows…

Curious facts about the anime “Ranking of Kings”

  • The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Sōsuke Tōka, first published in February 2019. The manga was featured on the Manga Hack website, where over 7,500 comics can be read for free. In August 2021, the 11th volume of the manga was released.
  • The opening song “BOY” is performed by the popular Japanese group King Gnu, formed in 2013. Initially, the musical group, consisting of 4 guys, was called Mrs. Vinci, then the guys renamed themselves Srv.Vinci. And finally, in 2017, the band’s name was changed for the 3rd time, but will the name “King Gnu” be their last decision? The guys’ music album “Ceremony”, released in January 2020, entered the TOP 10 best-selling albums in the world for 2020. The number of sales has reached over 1 million copies.
  • The final song “Oz” is performed by the Japanese singer Yama, the most popular on the Internet and social networks. 2018 was her debut year. It was then that Yama uploaded her cover version of the song to Youtube for the first time. Her first song of her own is “Haru wo Tsugeru”, released in April 2020. The song burst into the hearts of listeners and took the rightful 1st place in all the charts of the country.

Release dates for the new anime series “Ranking of Kings”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Ranking of Kings”
Season 2, Episode 1 2023
Season 2, Episode 2 2023
Season 2, Episode 3 2023
Season 2, Episode 4 2023
Season 2, Episode 5 2023
Season 2, Episode 6 2023
Season 2, Episode 7 2023
Season 2, Episode 8 2023
Season 2, Episode 9 2023
Season 2, Episode 10 2023

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