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The anime “Interspecies Reviewers” (Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu) is based on the eponymous manga, authored by Amahara. The manga was first published in August 2016 in the Monthly Dragon Age magazine by Fujimi Shobo.

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Interspecies Reviewers”

The anime “Interspecies Reviewers” is considered a very bold work by its author Amahara. After reading the manga, criticism poured on him, as if from a cornucopia. At first, humor was rated low, then critics noted a poor elaboration of the characters, and after that they literally clung to storylines. Nevertheless, the anime shows very good ratings, but it is difficult to clearly answer the question about the continuation of the series. Moreover, the broadcast of the series was suspended again and again.

At the moment, there is no reliable information either from the anime director or from the producer of the project that they are preparing new series for the viewer.

It remains to be patient and wait for the news. Fortunately, there is something to do, because 2020 will give fans of anime a batch of fresh series.

Anime “Interspecies Reviewers”: which characters in the title role?

  • The human race is Stunk. He is armed with a sword and is always ready to repel the attack. In the anime, he is the leader of “brothel observers”.
  • Stunk’s “colleague” for scoring girls working in brothels is Zel, belongs to the race of elves. A handsome guy, along with Stunk and Crimvael travels through the cities, visiting all kinds of sex houses.
  • Despite the fact that Crimvael is a representative of angels, we just want to call him “fallen”, because he got involved in an adventure along with Stunk and Zel.

The plot of the anime “Interspecies Reviewers”: what was and what will be?

Stunk, Zel and Crimvael belong to different races. This is what became the stumbling block of the main characters. In their fantasy world, visiting a brothel is commonplace. There are so many bright beauties for every taste that it is difficult to imagine.

Stunk and Zel decided to check how representatives of different races have different sexuality and sensuality. In order to understand this, it is necessary… to personally check by visiting as many brothels as possible in cities that only meet on the way of our heroes.

The journey in search of new pleasures is just beginning. But on this interesting and piquant argument they can make good money. To do this, they need to review their adventures, accumulating information; to make a rating of bright ladies and share data with all comers, which are becoming more and more.

Ahead is a warm acquaintance with fairies, demons, minotaurs and other creatures of different races, each of which catches with its own “things”. As a result, having gone through a huge number of sex houses, the main characters got solid experience and a list of “best of the best”. So who is she – the most beautiful of the brothel girls?

Curious facts about the anime “Interspecies Reviewers”

  • The opening song “Ikoze Paradise” is performed by voice actors: Junji Majima (voiced by Stunk), Yusuke Kobayashi (Zel) and Miyu Tomita (Crimvael). The final song “Hanabira Ondo” is performed by the same cast.
  • Funimation, an American company engaged in the production, advertising and sale of anime, warns viewers of the adult content of the series due to the presence of sex scenes before broadcasting each episode. After all, the age limit of the series is 18+.

Release dates for the new anime series “Interspecies Reviewers”

Season 2, Episode 1no informationSeason 2, Episode 2no informationSeason 2, Episode 3no informationSeason 2, Episode 4no informationSeason 2, Episode 5no informationSeason 2, Episode 6no informationSeason 2, Episode 7no informationSeason 2, Episode 8no informationSeason 2, Episode 9no informationSeason 2, Episode 10no information

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