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In search of a clue to the main mystery left by Frantz Houtman, his daughter Fena and seven samurai set off on a difficult journey. At the beginning of their path, the team has only a mysterious stone, as well as the name of a strange place – Eden, and no one knows anything about it. What is this place for which people are ready to give their lives…

Release date for Season 2 of the anime “Fena: Pirate Princess”

The first impression of watching the first episodes of the anime “Fena: Pirate Princess” is a delight. The story absorbs the viewer literally at once. The main characters are individual and well-designed, and there is no point in looking for flaws in the work of directors, screenwriters or artists. The team did a great job, for which they received a huge portion of positive feedback on their project.

Some sources write that the continuation of the anime is in development, but no one has more accurate information. Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of new episodes, hoping that it will happen soon.

Anime “Fena: Pirate Princess”: which characters in the title role?

  • One of the main characters of the anime is Fena Houtman. The orphan girl miraculously survived the capture of the ship by pirates, but then she lost her father. Brave, she transforms from a princess to a captain capable of fighting and protecting.
  • Yukihisa Sanada is the master of Goblin Island, where Fena first arrived. By his order, the princess was brought here to protect her.
  • Frantz Houtman is the father of Fena. For the sake of achieving the goal, he was ready to sacrifice his life. After death, he left a riddle, the key of which is his daughter.

Samurai Seven:

  • The first person Fena met on the island was Karin. Oddly enough, but among the samurai there is no longer a girl besides her. It was she who created the project of the ship on which the entire team travels, led by Fena, and the ship was built by the father of Karin, a master of shipbuilding. Karin loves to shoot pistols and rifles.
  • Yukimaru knew Fena when he was just a boy. He saved Fena twice: when pirates hijacked a ship and in the forest during her escape from a male-dominated island. Yukimaru, who consistently displays excellent leadership qualities, seems to be unafraid of death as he is ready to go into any fight.
  • Tsubaki not only knows how to cook deliciously, talk for hours about food, but he is also an excellent warrior. Otherwise, the guy would not have joined the ranks of Samurai Seven. His weapon is a short ninja sword.
  • Samurai Makaba initially appears calm and kind, but in battle he is ruthless. Makaba makes bows in different sizes and colors, he knows all the intricacies of this craft.
  • Shitan is an excellent archer and is considered the best at what he does. It was he who first showed Fena how to shoot it correctly.
  • The twin brothers, Kaede and Enju, do not have a calm and quiet disposition. They constantly fool around, thereby annoying others. However, one of them is fluent in wakizashi, the other is a spear.

The plot of the anime “Fena: Pirate Princess”: what was and what will be?

18th century, Atlantic Ocean. When Fena opened her eyes and realized that she was in the boat next to her rescuers Otto and Salman, the worst seemed to be behind. Yesterday she could have been sold to a man for money, but such a shame she had to be avoided. Now she is in the safe hands of her beloved friends. But where are they heading?

On Goblin Island, Yukihisa Sanada was waiting for the trinity, he told them a very interesting story. Years ago, the ancestors of Yukihisa were rescued by the Houtman clan. Since then, for many years they have served the descendants of Houtman faithfully, and before his death, Frantz Houtman handed over a certain stone to Yukimaru, which was supposed to protect his daughter Fena, and send her to the place from where the stone was taken.

Fena, in turn, remembers the last word of her father. He repeated it over and over: Eden. Now the purpose of her life is predetermined. Fena will do everything to find this place and solve the riddle of a strange transparent stone, because she is the only one who can solve it. However, Fena is not alone: ​​her new friends will be with her. Seven samurai, each worth a thousand warriors, are always there…

Curious facts about the anime “Fena: Pirate Princess”

  • It is believed that the character Yukimaru Sanada is a reference to the real-life Japanese samurai warrior of the Sengoku period – Sanada Yukimura. His real name is Sanada Nobushige, but in history the warrior is known as Sanada Yukimura. It was believed that such warriors are born once every 100 years, legends were made about him, they were afraid of him and they were equated with him at the same time. The difference in the name of an anime character and a real Japanese samurai in one letter. The reason for this is unknown: either it was done intentionally by the author, or an accidental slip of the tongue.
  • Attentive viewers noticed the similarity of Fena’s appearance with the characters of twin girls from the comedy anime sketch “Comedy Skit 1989” directed by Kazuto Nakazawa. The anime was released in 2015.
  • According to the plot, Karin loves weapons, and in one episode we can see that the word “Flower” is engraved on her black pistol – 花. And this is one of the 2 hieroglyphs of her name in Japanese – 花梨.

Release dates for the new anime series “Fena: Pirate Princess”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “Fena: Pirate Princess”
Season 2, Episode 1 no information
Season 2, Episode 2 no information
Season 2, Episode 3 no information
Season 2, Episode 4 no information
Season 2, Episode 5 no information
Season 2, Episode 6 no information
Season 2, Episode 7 no information
Season 2, Episode 8 no information
Season 2, Episode 9 no information
Season 2, Episode 10 no information

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