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A Certain Scientific Railgun is an anime based on the eponymous manga. History introduces us to the girl Mikoto Misaka, who lives in a world where there is no clear boundary between magic and science.

Academy City with a population of a couple of million inhabitants is completely different from the usual settlement. People with superpowers, called espers, live in it. And here only a few people have Level 5.

Release date for Season 4 of the anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”

Recall previous seasons of the anime:
– Some Scientific Railgun (October 2009);
– Some scientific Railgun S (April 2013);
– Some scientific Railgun T (January 2020).

Now let’s analyze the situation. Between seasons 1 and 2, 3.5 years passed. Then there was a long break of almost 7 years, when the audience again saw their favorite characters. Will the director please us with new episodes? If so, when will it be? No official data yet. But a high rating, excellent reviews of fans and critics may well have a positive effect on the decision of the leadership about the fate of the project.

As soon as information about the new season appears, we will gladly post it on our website.

We hope that we do not have to wait again for 3.5 or 7 years…

Anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”: which characters in the title role?

  • Mikoto Misaka grew up an ordinary child, but already in childhood she had a Level 1 esper due to her ability to generate and fully control electricity. Entering the Academy, Mikoto made every effort to improve her skills and develop others, for which she quickly got Level 5. If the girl is not in the mood, she can cause a whole thunderstorm, after which there will be no electricity in the city.
  • Mikoto’s friend, Kuroko Shirai, has a strange obsessive love for her. Kuroko constantly pursues her object of adoration, while she does not consider it shameful to be jealous of Mikoto to all her friends. Kuroko is able to teleport not only herself, but also those objects that she touches.
  • Another character is Tōma Kamijō. A guy cannot stand by when trouble happens somewhere, which is why Tōma is always in the midst of trouble. His ability is Imagine Breaker. This ability is not detected during testing, so initially he got level 0.

The plot of the anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”: what was and what will be?

Tokiwadai Middle School is one of the five elite Academy City schools. Tokiwadai is a famous women’s school in the world. There are no poor and incapable students, the minimum level of students is the third. With a lower level, the student simply does not get there. The pride of the school is 2 espers of the Level 5.

At the center of the story is Mikoto Misaka, 14, a Level 5 esper. Once she was drawn into all kinds of troubles and adventures thanks to her friendship with guys like Tōma Kamijō and Index. But that was in the past.

Mikoto is capable of destructively firing metal shells, for which she got the nickname “Railgun”. Throughout her already adult life, Misaka gradually turns from Esper Level 1 to Esper Level 5. Getting a level is not given for no reason. The girl made great efforts to this. She worked diligently, honing her inherent abilities. Despite the fact that Level 5 is the last for the espers, Misaka has a huge supply of strength and energy in order to develop further. She is not at the end of her journey. This is just the beginning…

Curious facts about the anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”

  • The opening song, “final phase” of season 3, was performed by the Japanese popular duo fripSide, created in February 2002
  • The final song “nameless story” of season 3 was performed by Japanese rock band Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets. The founder of the group, Kishida Kyōdan, initially worked alone, performing songs for various TV shows and video games. That was in 2004. Then the team expanded. As a full-fledged group, the musicians made their debut in 2010 with a song for the anime series “Highschool of the Dead”. Their 2nd single sounded as the opening song in the anime “Strike the Blood” in 2013. Every year their success is growing, and the group releases new singles.
  • Attentive viewers noticed that the hairpin on the head of the main character Mikoto Misaki changes from season to season. If in season 1 it was a simple, unremarkable hairpin, then in season 3 it becomes in the form of flowers. The director explained that this was done on purpose. Thus, he wanted to emphasize the increased importance of the character and the fact that Mikoto became one of the main characters of the series.
  • Some battle scenes where Mikoto used her electromagnetic power were rechecked by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After all the calculations, the students announced that in the anime the scene with the weapon is completely believable and does not contradict the laws of physics.

Release dates for the new anime series “A Certain Scientific Railgun”

Premiere of new episodes of the anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”
Season 4, Episode 1 no official information
Season 4, Episode 2 no official information
Season 4, Episode 3 no official information
Season 4, Episode 4 no official information
Season 4, Episode 5 no official information
Season 4, Episode 6 no official information
Season 4, Episode 7 no official information
Season 4, Episode 8 no official information
Season 4, Episode 9 no official information
Season 4, Episode 10 no official information


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